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The Sinai Covenant Operates in the Endtime

The Sinai Covenant—God’s covenant with his people Israel as a nation—although a conditional covenant (whose blessings and privileges depend on whether his people keep the terms of the covenant), was never done away, even when Israel transgressed and ultimately apostatized. Today, the Sinai Covenant still forms the basis on which a nation may become God’s covenant people. The Sinai Covenant, moreover, constitutes a stepping stone toward attaining the spiritual heights attained by Israel’s ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and toward God’s people’s enjoyment—as a nation—of the supernal blessings and privileges they enjoyed.

Although, to our current knowledge, no descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have yet attained the spiritual heights of their ancestors as a nation—walking and talking with God, playing host to heavenly companions, and so forth—Isaiah predicts that such will indeed occur. As a result of the mission of God’s endtime servant, a nation of God’s people “born in a day”—God’s Day of Judgment (Isaiah 66:7–9)—responds to the servant’s summons to return from dispersion (Isaiah 43:5–8; 49:5–22; 55:4–5), gather in an exodus to Zion (Isaiah 11:10–16; 51:9–11), and prepare for the coming of Jehovah to reign on the earth (Isaiah 52:8–12; 59:18–20).

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