Becoming Kings and Queens of the Gentiles - Book of Mormon Isaiah

Becoming Kings and Queens of the Gentiles


Dr. Avraham Gileadi’s masterful scriptural exposition demonstrates how the prophecies of Isaiah interface with Mormon scriptures that teach God’s servants their end-time roles of restoring the house of Israel-the Jews, Lamanites, and Ten Tribes-to God’s covenants with his people Israel and to lands of inheritance.

From the Author: “The tribe of Ephraim’s end-time birthright role of serving as a savior to Israel’s sibling tribes—just as Joseph in Egypt served as his brothers’ savior during a seven-year famine—seemed to me virtually overlooked by Israel’s ethnocentric lineages, including those of Ephraim. What good is a birthright if it isn’t acted upon? It would then turn to God’s reprobation instead of approbation. The scriptural mandate is clear. The time is coming when many must undertake an uncommon service to the house of Israel that will also require an uncommon preparation. This book will hopefully inspire some of Ephraim to consider their part.”

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