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2023 Isaiah Institute Book Discussion Discovery Week

Video Presentations

Here are the presentations from our Book Discussion participants to watch on demand; please save this link.
Disclaimer: Each presenter is responsible for their own content, and their presentations do not necessarily represent the Isaiah Institute's views on specific topics.

"Questions and Answers Session with Avraham Gileadi"

"Isaiah 29:14 Wonder Upon Wonder: Understanding the Great and Marvelous Work"

By Rodolfo Vergara - Context of Isaiah 29:14, definition, misconceptions, timing, types, and prophecies about the great and marvelous work.

"The Ladder to Heaven: Ascension and Descension
Themes in Isaiah"

By Marci Campbell & Sylvain Coppens - Understanding the ascension and descension process from Isaiah's spiritual ladder.

"Idolatry & The Last Days"

By Christopher Wright - Understanding the blood and sins of our generation.

"Wheat and Tares"

By Karen Welch - The parable of the wheat and the tares and its endtime application.

"Top 10 Characters in Isaiah’s End-Time Prophecy"

By Debbi Rollo - Who/What are the “Characters” that appear in Isaiah’s end-time prophecy, and what do they mean? These scores of Characters that are scattered throughout the Book of Isaiah are a type of what happens in the future.

"Out of Babylon and Into Redemptive Suffering"

By Cameron Briggs - What and how to fill the void left by purging modern idolatry in our lives.

"Journey to the Promise Land"

By Erin Ross - Our exodus from Babylon: awake to our awful situation, apply concepts in your own life, everything is connected and wordlinks.

"King David's Covenant as a Type For The Salvation of The Human Family"

By Dux Gurr - This year, we studied the book "Isaiah Prophet of the End Time" and I became interested in some of the covenants and how they could apply personally to me. One that I found particularly intriguing was God's Covenant with King David. In my talk, I consider what it looks like when we live our lives in a manner commensurate with God's expectations of David.

"Covenant Theology in Isaiah: The Answer You Didn't Know You Were Looking For"

By Brandon Herd - Covenant theology is foundational for understanding the gospel and can answer key and essential questions you may not realized you had.

"Encountering the Divine: Patterns of Endowment & Atonement from the Prophet-Poet"

By Elior Walker - In this presentation, we examine the patterns of spiritual ascension found within Isaiah's revelations. We also explore how Isaiah's patterns of ascension influence other prophets.

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