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Isaiah’s Challenge

In a time not far distant, it will be shown that the effect the prophecies of Isaiah had on church members today parallels in many respects people’s reactions to the restoration of the gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith. So it was for me, and so many others testify. Whether church members keep Jesus’ commandment to “search diligently” the words of Isaiah—and through that process come to know its awesome prophecies and deepest theology—or whether they neglect to do so and thus reject them, may have as decisive an outcome among us as did accepting or rejecting the gospel of Jesus Christ itself.

The reason for this appears in Isaiah’s own words, as when he speaks of God’s people today who are repeating the same scenario of injustice, idolatry, and spiritual blindness that prevailed in his day. The keys to understanding the words of Isaiah that Jesus and Nephi give—that I have shown are amply backed up when using the tools of literary analysis—leave church members no excuse for not applying themselves to learning the life-changing truths of the Book of Isaiah. As many who have done so have come to perceive, on that point their very fate may hang in the balance. If today they deny themselves the words of Isaiah that are now made plain, how shall they not deny the further records that have been kept back because of unbelief that will be revealed in the Lord’s own due time?

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