How to Start Learning Isaiah - Book of Mormon Isaiah

How to Start Learning Isaiah

When first learning how the prophecy of Isaiah informs us today, it is important to understand four basic points. (1) That Isaiah spoke simultaneously of things that “have been”—in own his day or soon thereafter—and also of what “shall be” at the coming of the Lord (3 Nephi 23:3). In other words, even the purely historical parts of his prophecies foreshadow things that will repeat themselves in the end-time. (2) That we have the promise that “men” or “the children of men” will “understand them” at the time Isaiah’s prophecies are being fulfilled (2 Nephi 25:7–8). (3) That we cannot understand Isaiah’s prophecies without “searching them diligently” (3 Nephi 23:1). Because they are many-layered, they don’t lend themselves to the kinds of piecemeal studies academics have done. Because they form one great end-time scenario, all the pieces must be viewed in their place. (4) That understanding the words of Isaiah helps in understanding all the scriptures.

With decades of literary analysis of the Book of Isaiah accomplished, the Isaiah Institute assures you that you will understand Isaiah to your own satisfaction if you will persist in learning and applying our simple tools for searching Isaiah’s words. We suggest you start with familiarizing yourself with the easy-to-read Isaiah Institute Translation of Isaiah and Analytical Commentary of Isaiah on our Isaiah App ($4.95) or on our free website Its many resources, including videos, comparative translation, interactive concordance, and Apocalyptic Commentary of the Book of Isaiah will take you deeper into Isaiah studies. A great starter book is Isaiah Made Simple. We suggest you buy it from our website and thus support our efforts in spreading the message of Isaiah. The books, Isaiah Decoded and The End from the Beginning contain great overviews of Isaiah’s message. You can also join our Zoom book discussion groups.

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