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Are Endtime Visions Reserved for a Select Few?

Question: I was intrigued by your email concerning VOG. I have no problem at all believing in visions, NDEs, etc. What gives me pause are those who purport to see things that happen to the world at large. Isn’t that what prophets are for? Do regular Joes like you and I have standing to receive and proclaim what judgments will befall the earth? Isn’t that reserved for those select few whose callings require it?

Answer: I suggest you go to the scriptures and read the accounts of many to whom the Lord reveals the end from the beginning, or who are spoken of as having seen what will befall the earth to the end of time, not to mention many people in recent history even to this day—Jews, native Americans, blacks, Polynesians, etc.—to whom the Lord speaks, and his statement that he would speak to all nations whatever he deems fit and that they would write it.

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