A Quick Guide to Dig Deeper - Book of Mormon Isaiah

A Quick Guide to Dig Deeper

For Beginners:
We suggest you start by reading the book, Isaiah Made Simple: Unsealing the Essential Isaiah, a beginner’s introduction to understanding the inner workings yet simple messages of the Book of Isaiah.

Watch one of more of our Isaiah Video Vignettes which follow Isaiah’s literary structure of Apostasy, Judgment, Restoration, and Salvation as they relate to Isaiah’s endtime scenario.

Listen to the Analytical Commentary of Isaiah (now available as a free podcast series) either by itself or using with it the Isaiah Institute Analytical Translation of Isaiah as a guide.

Memorize the Isaiah Flashcards definitions of the Characters, Concepts, and Doctrines that appear in the Book of Isaiah so that as you search deeper into Isaiah’s prophecy you will have so much more the advantage of understanding his message.

For Students:
We suggest you read Isaiah Decoded: Ascending the Ladder to Heaven, the best all-time layman’s comprehensive overview of Isaiah’s prophetic message based on the analysis of Hebrew literary patterns.

Follow this with the Apocalyptic Commentary of the Book of Isaiah, a verse-by-verse analysis of Isaiah’s endtime prophecy readers that opens up Isaiah’s message written for our day.

The book, Windows on the Prophecy of Isaiah: Study Tools for Understanding Isaiah, which contains many examples of analyzing or “searching” Isaiah’s words and the tools needed to do one’s own research and investigation, will round out your research.

You can enroll in our Online Isaiah Course to supplement your studies or take it as its own step-by-step initiation into the mysteries of the Book of Isaiah.

For Advanced Learners:
We suggest you complete our graduate Online Isaiah Course and commit to mentor several Isaiah students who are enrolled in its under-graduate course.

The book, The Literary Message of Isaiah, a ground-breaking literary approach at the cutting edge of all Isaiah studies that analyzes key literary features of the Book of Isaiah, takes you into the deeper levels of Isaiah’s prophecy.

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