Apocalyptic Commentary of the Book of Isaiah - Book of Mormon Isaiah

Apocalyptic Commentary of the Book of Isaiah


Renowned Hebrew scholar and literary analyst Avraham Gileadi presents an informed and enlightening interpretation of the most important prophecy in the Bible, showing how the writings of the prophet Isaiah, though grounded in the history of the ancient Near East, make use of literary devices to predict the end of the world.

Description: This verse-by-verse interpretation of Isaiah’s prophecy, based on literary evidence uncovered in decades of analyzing the Book of Isaiah, provides key building blocks that empower readers to gain a sure understanding of Isaiah’s end-time prophecy. A parallel 30-hour audio version, Analytical Commentary of Isaiah, while containing the same kinds of content, doesn‘t include many supporting verses of scripture and cross-references that a written commentary can. And as Isaiah’s literary checks and balances appear when comparing passages, the reader is able to discern how coherent Isaiah’s prophecy is and how it relates to our day.

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