Isaiah Institute Zoom Conference—August 26, 2023 - Book of Mormon Isaiah

Isaiah Institute Zoom Conference—August 26, 2023


SAVE THE DATE!—Saturday August 26, 2023

Come and enjoy listening to exciting features of the prophecy of Isaiah!
Rodolfo Vergara—“Ephraim’s Birthright Role: Serving as the Gentiles’ Kings & Queens”
Meghan Farner—“Ascending from Jacob/Israel: Distinguishing between Wheat & Tares”
Lance Delano—“Isaiah’s Seven-Part Structure: What Isaiah’s Literary Features Reveal”
Raeshell Sutherland—“The Woman Zion: Understanding Our Relationship with Christ”
Herrick Muhlestein—“Focusing on Him: Preparing Spiritually for the Day of Jehovah”
Stephanie Cirac—“My Journey with Isaiah: How My Understanding of Isaiah Unfolded”
Avraham Gileadi—“Israel’s Coming Restoration: The Mission of a Latter-Day David”

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