Isaiah Flashcards - Book of Mormon Isaiah

Isaiah Flashcards


Each 50-pack of Isaiah Flashcards is designed for quick memorization of (1) the end-time Characters who appear in Isaiah’s prophecy under different names or personas; (2) the prophetic Concepts Isaiah teaches that are found throughout his writings; and (3) the spiritual Doctrines that appear from analyzing Isaiah’s definitions of his inspired words and revelations.

Suggestions for Use: (1) As a family learning activity or for your personal study, memorize the Characters explanations ten at a time until you have memorized all fifty. (2) Search the scriptural references provided in the Isaiah Flashcards and observe how each character appears in its scriptural context. (3) Do a comparison of the scriptural references provided and get a general picture of how Isaiah develops their identities. (4) Continue memorizing the Concepts and Doctrines explanations as with the Characters and test yourself or your family from time to time.

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